P-games Redesign Project

P-games illustration

The Problem

P-Games (www.pgames.eu) is a Slovak board games distributor, tournament organiser, publishing and game development studio in Banská Bystrica. They are a professional TCG store with primary focus in YuGiOh, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and different accessories, books. The company also holds events and offers numerous services for its regular customers.

The webshop needed a new design, because the previous one was not user-friendly and was lacking a fitting style to the company’s branding. Furthermore, the communication strategy of the company needed to be made clear. The website needed a new color scheme as well as more content about what it has to offer.

User Testing

In order to test the performance of the design, I used a Think-aloud test. It revealed to me, whether the navigation is understandable to the users. Furthermore, I conducted several five second tests with a short survey, to find out, whether the purpose of the website is clear to the users.

Ease of Navigation

Carefully built Information Architecture, an FAQ page and a fat footer helped the user navigate throughout the website and find any information that might be needed.  The headlines were short and straightforward, which makes it easier for users to skim through the pages’ content.

My Role

  • Color scheme and typography
  • Prototyping process in Adobe XD
  • Managing realization in WordPress as a Content Management System.
Illustration of P-games prototype

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