BEKA Webshop Redesign

Thumbnail for the BEKA Redesign Project

The Problem

BEKA környezettudatos csomagolás (BEKA eco-packaging) ( ) is a small  hungarian, family-owned company manufacturing re-usable eco-friendly food packaging, cosmetics and other similar products. Their old website was outdated and only displayed the company’s introduction and vision, aiming for the users to contact the company if they want to make a purchase. They wished to have an updated website with better design and a webshop solution, where their users can easily make purchases.

Visual Representation

The most important part of the project was to come up with a visual identity that the client can relate to. With enough communication, a color palette consisting of bright, playful colors have been chosen. The colors are the same as nature’s main elements, brown as the soil and green as the trees. A special orange color was chosen to be an accent color complementing  the palette.

The curvy “Balsamiq Sans” was used for headings paired with the highly legible Roboto for all body text.

Illustration of BEKA webshop


A detailed mockup was made in Figma, so that the client could see the visualized design, before the team would develop it.  After numerous resolved discussions, the client approved the design and the development with a Content Management System could be started.

WordPress + Woocommerce

The webshop needed to be easy-to-use for the client, so the team decided to use WordPress as a CMS, combined with Woocommerce, catering the e-commerce needs of the webshop.

My Role

  • Color palette, Typography
  • Designing a mockup
  • Additional content on the introductory page
  • Optimizing SEO on all website
  • Managing Woocommerce products