Meetr Concept Prototype

MeetR Concept Thumbnail

The Problem

Starting a new university programme either in your own country or abroad can be a challenge for anyone. The main struggles you can face  is making friends and create connections with your classmates. 

Me and my group had to find a solution to the issues of socializing with strangers in a newly formed university class. We had to find a way to make it easier for students to create bonds and break the ice.

User research

We had to find out what are the students’ struggles when they arrive at the first day of school and why is it hard for them to start conversations with others.

We conducted interviews with local and international students with various personalities and study programmes, to hear their point-of-views.
Furthermore, we conducted an interview with the school’s counsellor, who could provide us anonymous information about the student’s struggles.

Sketching to Prototyping

The prototype started with rough sketches and more developed wireframes. The final prototype was created in Figma.

Visuals on the Meetr application

Visual Representation

The visual identity of Meetr was inspired by hygge: a Danish concept of providing warmth and coziness as a method of enjoying life and company of others. 

The colour palette consists of warm colors such as shades of yellow, orange and brown that stand for friendship, joy and hope.

The typography of the application includes the curvy “Pacifico” font, complemented with a thin sans serif font, the “Corbel” regular. The style of the application aims to create a friendly, playful and inviting atmosphere.

User flow

The application is easy to use. A splash screen welcomes the user, then they can log in with their school credentials and see a news feed of the content the are interested in. 

They can navigate to a page of planned events and even initiate social meetings in the events page by creating events and inviting people to them.

User Testing

A number of 5 second tests were conducted on the final product, in order to find out, what are the users’ initial thought of the design. The following short survey revealed that -according to the users – the design resembles typical social media applications and the warm colors make them feel cozy. 

My Role

  • Formulate a problem statement
  • Conducting interviews
  • Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping using Figma
  •  Testing the product