Gotour Website Redesign

The Problem

Gotour Denmark ( is a company aiming to connect touristic service providers and sales channels(such as hotels, hostels or campsites). They collect information of the providers’ services and let relevant sales channels advertise them. As a startup, the company needed to partner up with much more service providers. After getting in contact with potential partners, the company would ask them to look up Gotour’s website. 

 It takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about a website and determine whether they want to stay or leave. (2021, Sweor) 

For this reason, it was essential to create a better and improved website design, that will make the users want to stay, know more and finally sign up for a partnership.

User Testing

Originally, the company asked me to redesign the website with an improved UI. Afterwards, we agreed on the need for finding out minor usability issues. Thus the redesign would be done with fixing Navigation and Interaction issues in mind. 

In order to find out, what the current website was doing wrong, I conducted Think-aloud tests.

The most crucial problem was the lack of labeling and the lack of CTA. Keeping that in mind, I could move on to inspecting the content more closely.

Content Inventory

Before setting up an information architecture, I created a content inventory and analyzed the website’s content one by one. Taking note of the type of content, its location and containing links, I noticed ill-fitting content scattered around the page. I took note of my inspections and moved on to creating an initial Information Architecture (IA).

Information architecture

The first problem with the current website was that the content the user should be presented, was mostly written in an FAQ section on the bottom of the page. To fix that, I visualized information, such as “Who is eligible to become a partner”, and created a separate page for the Frequently Asked Questions. 

I applied better categorization by using sub-items in the navigation bar. Doing so, the navigation bar got shorter and contained only the keywords that are necessary for the user.

Visual Presentation

The company did not have an established style guide when I arrived. Thus, the first thing I started working on is: What the company stands for, whether they want to convey a formal or an informal style. Depending on that, I went on choosing a number of typefaces, that in the end would result in unique and readable content.

I chose the sans-serif and curvy Rubik for headings and the serif Lora for body texts.

The newly created color palette contains the company logo’s colors as well as darker, lighter versions of them. Both versions can come in handy when trying to make contrast between foreground and background elements.

Illustration showcasing the Homepage of the Gotour Danmark Website Redesign
Mockup of the redesigned website's home page

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