Gotour Explainer Video

The Problem

Gotour Denmark ( is a company aiming to connect touristic service providers and sales channels(such as hotels, hostels or campsites). They collect information of the providers’ services and let relevant sales channels advertise them. As a startup, the company needed to partner up with much more service providers. Since the company’s business model is complex to people who are not familiar with marketing, they needed an easy way to explain their services. The company wished to have an Explainer video to present on their webpage and social media.

User research

It took quite some time to understand how the company works and what exactly do they offer its partners. As soon as I had no more questions to the host, I started researching. I looked into Danish tourism, how danish tourists start their trip and most importantly: where they gain inspiration from.

Doing so, helped me understand how or where the experience providers would want to be presented and be found by their audience; the danish tourists.


Afterwards, I started sketching and coming up with possible presentations of the animation idea. It was essential, to find a way to present the business model as understandable as possible. 

Once I had sketches for individual scenes, I created a storyboard by writing a script and pairing it with each screens. I also added further details that imitate and animation. It helped me and the host understand what would happen on each screen. 

Storyboard with Sketches of the Gotour Explainer Video


When the storyboard was approved, I moved on to create a very simple animatic out of the material I have drawn and the narration that was recorded for the project. 

The animatic helped me nail down the timing of the scene changes and find out how long each screen should be shown, to fit the script. Discussing the style and speed was also easier with teammates, which is why I believe it was worth the time spent on it.

Visual Presentation of the Explainer Video

The video uses the main colors that are present in Gotour Danmark’s logo. The color choices aim to be consistent with the brand’s identity and further fit better into the website design of the company. 

As for the typography, Maven Pro Bold was chosen for headings and Lato Regular for body text. Both font choices have good legibility which is essential. Especially in cases, when e.g. the user watches the video on a small screen such as a phone.

Visual presentation of Gotour's Explainer Video